If you live in a Medical Marijuana state and your laws allow solvent extractions we'd be happy to help you build out your facility and train your staff or simply help you dial in your current technique and existing facility.

Once you complete our program you will be able to advertise that your products are “Top Shelf Extracts Certified” and take advantage of our brand which your patients most likely are already aware of.

Consultation fees are dependent upon what you're trying to accomplish, but our most common packages are:

Onsite Consultation

Our rate is $1,000 per day with a minimum of two days. You are also responsible for flight, lodging, and transportation. We fly out with two experienced technicians to assess your needs and train you in advanced techniques, marketing, packaging, and branding.

Skype/Phone Consultation

Our rate is $50 per half hour, one hour minimum. Ask any question from equipment recommendations to branding to technique.

We do apologize but the sheer volume of phone calls we've been receiving from emerging cannabis markets has been overwhelming. It has gotten to the point where we are now unable to answer questions on the phone without an apointment. We do pledge to make sure you get your money's worth though.

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